Let (permanently) sleeping cats lie?
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Dead cat in stream. Kids play in same stream a couple hundred meters downstream. Public health hazard? Should I remove the cat to keep kiddies safe from pathogens? If not, I'm perfectly content to let dead cats rot in peace.
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My knowledge of waterbourne pathogens pretty much runs out after Cabin Fever, but move the cat or notify someone who will.
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You're perfectly content to let dead cats rot in peace, but know that probably isn't the best answer. Find a friend who will help you, let it be a bonding activity. If you pick it up with a grocery bag, then you never have to actually touch it. If you call animal control, they'd probably pick it up for you, too.
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Does the cat have a collar? If not, remove cat/bury cat. Neighborhood kids play in the stream; cat may have been cat of neighborhood kids.
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Personally I'd bury it (pick up cat with garbage bag, but bury the cat un-bagged, tamp down loose dirt and stack with stones so it's not easily dug up by local critters, make sure it's in a place that's not going to get washed away the next time it rains), or call animal control.
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I wouldn't want to play in a dead-cat stream. It's not exactly a roaring river, and it sounds unsanitary.
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Water is full of fish. They die. Let this guide you.
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Gross, why risk this when the solution is so easy? Walk over with a shovel, scoop up the cat, dig a little hole, done. 5 minutes. It will take less time to solve this problem than to read this thread.
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Bury the cat. If you own a shovel, it does not involve much work.
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you might want to read this.

be nice and move the cat, but, truth be said, the stream is probably already unsafe to drink, but the poor cat doesn't help.

That said, Dead Cat Stream is the name of my next band, or local river.
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Hell if you don't own a shovel it's not too much work either.
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Dig the hole first.
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I'd first call Animal Control. That's their job. Dead cat in a public place is a public health hazard, they will take it away (give good directions).
On another note, if you did decide to bury it yourself, you have to find a safe place away from the water or it will just end up back in there anyway. A place where it's safe and legal to bury a dead thing might be more complicated than you imagine ...
Lastly: I bet the fish are not minding at all. They will eat it up-Yum! Fish food for sure.

For the kids downstream: Assuming moving water (not a pond) ... a couple hundred meters is not as bad as 20 meters ... moving water is full of dead and live things already that are mostly unseen, so the exposure is high but moving water is "clean-ish" compared to the standing type.
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Just bury the poor thing and be done with it.
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Its a dead cat! Its not a rabid hyena.

Dig a hole, use shovel to put cat in hole. Fill up hole.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all replies. I'm in Japan and I don't think they even have Animal Control. However, there is no good place nearby to bury said cat. What to do, what to do...
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Use a rake. Get it out of the stream. Put it in a plastic bag. Call these people and ask them what to do. They probably can't help you directly, but will have advice, I hope.
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If it makes you feel better, some time ago, I was on a school hiking trip and we chanced upon a fast moving stream. The teacher encouraged us to drink to our heart's content. A few hundred yards upstream, we found a very dead sheep.

We were fine.
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there is no good place nearby to bury said cat

Garbage bag.

Double-bag it to be sure.
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Oh, Christ, if you can't find somewhere to bury it (really?), just take it out of the damn stream. If you wanted to put it in a garbage back and a trash can, bonus points.
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Garbage bag + trash can.
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