Ok, I switched, now help me out!
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This switcher is looking for OS X equivalents of two can't-live-without Windows apps.

I'd like the closest available OS X equivalent to BreezeBrowser. I'm looking for fast navigation and the ability to quickly spit out HTML galleries(proofs) ala
these self links. If you've ever used BreezeBrowser, you'll know what I'm talking about!

The DBA in me is looking for something similar to Toad for Oracle. So far I've evaluated SQL4XManagerJ, Aqua Data Studio, and a few others and, while they're nice, they don't match the robustness and maturity of Toad.
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It won't (I think) do the HTML galleries, but Graphic Converter is the best "Swiss Army Knife" app for images around. There are several plug-ins for iPhoto that can export to HTML templates.

As far as Toad goes- sadly, no. I use Aqua Data Studio for my Oracle stuff at work, and it's pretty good, but lacks the DBA tools that TOAD offers. I expect this area to change in the next year or so, but there just aren't good Oracle tools out there yet.
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It won't (I think) do the HTML galleries, but Graphic Converter

It does export HTML.
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If you go the iPhoto route for images I would recommend Galerie to generate HTML Galleries. It's an incredible flexible program and it's free.

I recommend it to all the art faculty I support at the university. They use iPhoto to manage their images and present their "slides" to class, then want to put up the galleries for students to study from.
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Photoshop CS and the even better just released CS2 both have excellent file viewers, CS2 has what is called Bridge now that replaces the file browser utility with a full featured client. The ability to make great HTML Albums and even great pdf files is built in to these new versions. You can also check iview media pro at http://www.iview-multimedia.com/index.php it is an iphoto replacement with built in database functionality.
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it's not what you're asking but I wouldn't want to live on OSX without Launchbar .

(sorry about the OT -- your "can't live without" triggered this post ;-)
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Do check out ShutterBug from Xtralean software for gallery generation. Extremely customizable, much power lurks beneath the surface. It's the ONLY WYSIWYG web authoring tool I have ever encountered that generates CSS based layouts that look the same everywhere. The developers are very cool, super responsive. $34 and worth every penny!

It seems to me that there is an explosion of cool Cocoa apps these days.
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