Theme (for a) Song?
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Please suggest a good Drupal 7 theme for a website with some pages of content, forums (fora?), and eventually e-commerce. Low budget.

Many themes (esp. free ones) seem to like a very dark aesthetic. This is a fairly fun topic (palindromes) so I'm not sure about all that. Doesn't have to be free, but please let me know how much if not. Thanks!
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What's your timeline?
A lot of the really good ones are dependent on skinr right now, which doesn't have a d7 RC yet.
If it were me, I'd start with Acquia Marina (despite skinr being in dev) and see how far you could get with that. You can always retheme as the D7 themes mature.
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Or, let me reframe: I just assumed Drupal 7 was ready to go, 5 months after release. I'm up with a minimal site in 6.20 right now.

It seemed smart to upgrade to 7 before I start putting serious work into it -- do you think I'm better off working in 6?
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(Time frame: The site is up now, and I may get a serious publicity boost in the near future, guessing 1-2 months, which would be nice to be ready for.)
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