Does University Philippines at Diliman offer organic chemistry lab?
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Does University Philippines at Diliman offer Organic Chemistry Lab?

This is a follow up to this this post I made.

I got accepted to University Philippines at Diliman, and my goal is to complete Organic Chemistry 33, 33.1, 34, 34.1 Within two semesters, Is this possible? I don't see the lab ever being offered, even though it is listed in their course catalog

I tried to contact the school many times, and they said to contact the science department, which I can never get a hold of.

There course schedule Shows Chem 33 being offered this semester, but no 33.1 (lab)

Also I am having trouble reading that course listing, what exactly do the numbers 7 / 40 / 7 represent there?

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!
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They have their own Institute of Chemistry, which run the Chemistry program. Contacting them may get you a bit farther.
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by "tried to contact" do you mean just sending email? or have you actually placed phone calls? if just the former, you really have to call and talk to someone in person. according to their site, the institute of chemistry's direct line is + 63 (2) 920-5427.

note that chem 33.1 is required for chemistry undergraduates so it'll be offered at least once a year, if not once every semester. i can't get crs to load due to dns issues so i can't view the course listing, and can't tell if 33.1 is bundled along with 33—which is possible, since they're presumably taken simultaneously. i also can't tell you what 7/40/7 means without seeing crs; could you post a screenshot?

seriously though, if you haven't called them yet, just call. it's a required class, not an elective, so they'll be able to give you an answer in a minute.
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I couldn't get these to display in this thread, but here is a link??
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I have e-mailed them, and tried calling them, but I never get a human being at the phone number. I have even been transferred from their main trunk line, but no one ever picks up the phone in the chemistry's direct line. I'll keep trying though.

And I assume it's not bundled, because this other class that I don't need is not bundled with its lab as seen in the image below.

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okay, 7/40/7—the first two numbers mean 7 out of 40 slots in the class have already been filled. not sure what the third number's for. also, i think you're right and they aren't bundled.

it's weird that the chemistry institute doesn't pick up, but you can call the college of science's college secretary instead: +63 (2) 920 6093. the college handles registration anyway, so they'll be able to answer your question just as well.
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Finally just got ahold of them! They just stopped offering the lab this semester... and will no longer offer it! wowsers. But they said University Philippines at Los Banos should be offering it...
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huh. out of curiousity: is it no longer a requirement for chemistry undergrads? did they substitute something else for it?
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They made it "integrated" where the lab, is with the lecture, together, which is fine, but my home school wouldn't accept it, for pre-reqs.
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