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My new obsession is argyle socks. Please recommend places I can find quality argyle socks for men, suited to brown / tan slacks and jeans. $10 / pair or under preferred. Bold, bordering on obnoxious, colors get bonus points.
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Sock Dreams is my go-to for socks. Lots of argyle there!
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Any major department store that has a good men's department. My husband just picked up about ten pairs of garish argyle socks at Belk, a local higher-end store in our area.
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My fiance loves his argyle socks from Express for Men.
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Seconding Sock Dreams - they have a whole section of Men-sized socks, many of which are argyle or would appeal to the argyle-aficionado. Plus, free shipping! I'm a fan.

I'll also second Express - Back when I shifted from sneakers to oxfords and needed to get reasonably-interesting socks fast, I bought a ton there. Inexpensive, comfortable, fun patterns, including a not-quite-argyle harlequin pattern I've become very fond of. One caveat: Last time I was there, their options trended toward black; less useful for brown slacks. On the other hand, they're still very much worth a look.
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I have had luck at the Gap, mostly for women's argyle socks but I have bought some men's as well, in fabulous colors. I suspect places like Banana Republic, J. Crew, etc. will also work well.
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Old Navy and the Gap do have a fine variety, and both wear pretty well. They rotate colors a fair amount, so if the ones they have now don't tickle your fancy, wait a while until they get, like, bright green ones.

Happy Socks seem to be the sock equivalent of the Norwegian curling pants, but even though they clearly have male models in many of those pictures, their selection for men seems painfully sedate right now. Maybe they have more available in Europe.

And speaking of Loudmouth Golf, they have a couple pairs you might like after all :)
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Out of your price range, but beautiful argyle socks in bright (bordering on obnoxious?) colors at Fine and Dandy Shop. They do sometimes have sales.
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i'm a sock lover, a sock obsessionist. i have over a thousand dollars of socks. i only buy my husband's argyles from sock dreams or from target (seriously. they have great, cheap, soft socks).
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I like express' socks, but I personally go through socks so quickly it started to feel like a waste of money. In consequence I now mainly buy patterned socks from target (except for sale socks from express); they are surprisingly good, and the argyles are kind of similar to express'.
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cushie beat me to my recommendation. They are a small shop, but have excellent customer service. I have ordered items for my dad, and all the products seems to be high quality.
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If you are in NYC, Uniqlo is a great source for great cheap argyle socks.
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GAP again. I just wore a pair of theirs today that go great with my chinos. Tan base with navy and maroon diamonds and a bright orange criss-cross line (obviously, i have no idea what the proper argyle terminology is.)
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Response by poster: fso: "Tan base with navy and maroon diamonds and a bright orange criss-cross line"

Ironically, I just went out a few days ago and bought these (two pairs, actually). I really like GAP's socks. Do I need to just wait a spell until the colors change? Go to different stores?
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Amazon has a pretty good selection of argyle socks too.
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