Full-colour business cards in Toronto?
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Can anyone recommend a good place for full-colour business cards in Toronto? Ideally, I'd prefer some place that can work with a Photoshop .PSD file, but I can provide JPEG if necessary. Thanks!
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Best answer: Does ordering online work for you? You could use Vistaprint.
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Or Moo? I like Moo a lot.
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When the oh-so-lovely and highly recommended local bureau fucked up my work cards (looked like they were printed by a DJ500C on construction paper, then cut with a blunt hacksaw) a week before the big trade show, we took the work to Staplescopyandprint. They were perfectly good, and cheap. Similarly I just did a set for ms scruss at Staples, and they came out better than I imagined.

I think they accept PSD online. Just remember to factor in the bleed, and you'll be fine.
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Response by poster: A friend of mine also recommended Vistaprint, so I'm going to give them a go. Your help is appreciated, everybody!
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