What are the films in Prime Minister David Cameron's dvd collection?
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What are the films in Prime Minister David Cameron's dvd collection?

The White House flickr page has post a photograph of Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron in the Downing Street flat. The Guardian found the kitchen the most interesting aspect but if you look to the top left in this large size picture, we can see a blurry shot of the PM's dvd collection.

I think I can see 24, Marie Antoinette and Armageddon, the proper Star Wars trilogy, Inspector Morse and the first season of Desperate Housewives. Family Guy. The Bourne trilogy. Scream. Is that Captain Corelli's Mandolin on the bottom shelf? It's fascinating.

Can anyone identify any of the others? Just for fun.
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Brideshead Revisited
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Towards the bottom there is a big box containing what looks like Brideshead Revisited (like this). Interesting given his own conflicted relationship with Oxford University (he went there and is a a stereotypical Oxford product, but criticises the university in the press, and has forced devastating cuts on the university system at large).
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True Blue.
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Bottom left: McIntyre. Eurgh.
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Band of Brothers is the large green box a few to the left of Brideshead Revisited.
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The bottom DVD shelf, right hand side is mostly children's stuff. I can see a few Thomas DVDs, possibly some Tom & Jerry, and what looks pretty much like my own kids' DVD shelf when I'm not wearing my glasses.

I would guess that whatever's on these shelves is a carefully curated selection chosen to project the right image. Anything remotely controversial will most likely be squirrelled away elsewhere.
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Third shelf down, third one in looks like Scream... that can't be right, can it? (Insert own 'cuts' joke here)
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Season 1 and 3 of the Wire to the left of 24?

Also, he owns the Flavour Thesaurus.
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What fun! Squinting my eyes, I think I can see Cloverfield on the second row, second from the end. Further left on the same row I think I can see True Lies, Goodfellas and a big brown several disc special edition of The Two Towers. On the shelf below I can see a Michel McIntyre DVD,
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There's a discussion about the contents of the bookshelf taking place right now over at the Guardian.
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And on the Guardian's Facebook page.
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Shelf One:
8th From left:Layer cake
10th From left: Lost Season One
14th From left:Golden Compass 2disc
16th/17th From left: The Wire, Season 3, / Wire Season 2
19th/20th from left: 2 x 24 Seasons/
21st from left: 24:Redemption TV Movie (Possibly)
12th From Right:Yes Man
1st/2nd from Right: Bourne legacy (Reissue without commentary) / Bourne Supremacy

Shelf Two:
10th from left: Payback
14th From left:Superman Retuirns (2 Disc)
9th from right: Blow
18th from right (blue, red,white): Inside man, UK Edition.
21st from right:True Blood season 1

Shelf three:
3rd from left:Scream (Region one, no BBFC certification)
4th from left:Damages (Season1) /
8th from left: Michael Clayton
12th from left: Desperate Housewives /
13th from left:Blood Diamond
19th from left:Armageddon
22nd from left:Merlin
5th from right:happy Feet

Shelf Four:
2nd disc from left:Michael Mcintyre /
8th from left: Band Of Brothers (Metyal tin Blu Ray) /
9th from left: Star Wars (original)

On top, stored horizontally: Star Wars box set, bonus materials Disc.
/ Armageddon
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