Afghan rice recipe?
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Please hit me with your best recipe for Bamiyan Kabob's rice.

More authentic recipes are great too but I'd love to replicate their rice in particular because my entire family LOVES it. Thanks!
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Are you specifically wanting the recipe from Bamiyan Kabob, or are you willing to experiment? Because you could probably ask them for the recipe.

Otherwise, searching for qabili pilau or palao will probably get you more hits than "kabilee rice". Since it's the national dish of Afghanistan there will probably be a lot of variations in each recipe, but the backbone of it will probably remain the same.
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Thanks elsietheeel. I am willing to experiment but I'd prefer something close to the one they serve, because that's what my family likes. Thanks for your suggestion--I'll take a look and see. Next time I go in, I'll ask them too!
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