Frankly, I'd rather life were more like Lucky Charms, but whatreyougonnado.
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I would like to find more songs with lyrics that express life philosophies in terms of food.


Small Faces - Happy Days Toy Town ("Life is just a bowl of All Bran, you wake up every morning and it's there.")

The Beatles - It's All Too Much ("All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece but not too much.")

XTC - Senses Working Overtime ("And all the world is biscuit-shaped, it's just for me to feed my face.")

I think they're funny, and I want more!
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The Breakfast Song, by the Newsboys. (sorry for the weird user-generated video)
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Spearhead's Red Beans & Rice? Lyrics.
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Response by poster: Just a note, I'm interested more in tidy little aphorisms than in songs that are generally about food.
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Sleater Kinney - Modern Girl
(I'm so hungry / Hunger makes me / A modern girl
I took my money / And bought a donut / The hole's the size of / The entire world)

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Is MacArthur Park too obvious?
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Maybe not quite what you're looking for, but I find Pete Townshend's Cookin' really charming.
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How has Life is Just A Bowl Of Cherries not come up yet?
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The Beatles - "Savoy Truffle" ("You know that what you eat you are/But what is sweet now turns so sour")

Notably, both this song and your "It's All Too Much" example, which has a similar theme, were written by the same Beatle -- George Harrison.
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"Weird Al" Yankovic, "Gump"

Gump sat alone on a bench in the park
"My name is Forrest," he'd casually remark
Waiting for the bus with his hands in his pockets
He just kept saying life is like a box of chocolates

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Lemon Tree has been recorded by a number of artists; the Peter Paul & Mary version may be the best known.
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oh god i can't believe i'm typing and linking to this Warrant's "Cherry Pie"
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Bowl of Oranges by Bright Eyes:

But if the world could remain within a frame
Like a painting on a wall
Then I think we'd see the beauty
And we'd stand staring in awe
At our still lives posed
Like a bowl of oranges...

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You might enjoy Cibo Matto's Viva! La Woman album. Every song has something to do with food, occasionally on a philosophical/metaphorical level.
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Ani DiFranco, 32 Flavors

squint your eyes and look closer
i'm not between you and your ambition
i am a poster girl with no poster
i am thirty-two flavors and then some
and i'm beyond your peripheral vision
so you might want to turn your head
cause someday you're going to get hungry
and eat most of the words you just said

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C Is for Cookie!

(That's good enough for me.)
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"wish I was a Kellogg's Cornflake, floatin' in a bowl takin' movies..."

Simon & Garfunkel, Punky's Dilemma
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Jam Eater Blues by the Mountain Goats.
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Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box.
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Several songs from Poison Boyfriend by Momus have nice little tidbits:

from "Violets":
The generous American is loosening his belt
Savouring his childhood in an after-dinner mint
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If you don't mind Japanese, RADWIMPS's Order Made compares life to sandwich-making, accompanied by an adorable video.
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Does booze count? Magnetic Fields Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin.
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Kate Bush's Eat the Music.

Like a pomegranate
Insides out
All is revealed
Not only women bleed

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The Spores - Yum Yum
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Life is a Minestrone by 10cc.
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Cowboy Junkies: Cold Tea Blues

If I pour your cup, that is friendship
If I add your milk, that is manners
If I stop there, claiming ignorance of taste,
That is tea

But if I measure the sugar
To satisfy your expectant tongue
Then that is love,
But if I measure the sugar
To satisfy your expectant tongue
Then that is love,
Sitting untouched and growing cold

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Jason Mraz, Too Much Food

You can say that I'm one curly fry in the box of the regular
Messing with the flavor oh the flavor that you savor
Saving me for last but you better not eat me at all
Living in a fast food bag making friends with the ketchup and salt
People say that I'm crazy for not moving on to better things
Instead I'm sitting around trash talking with the onion rings
But it's much too soon to leave this easy life
Pass me the spoon. Pass the analytical knife

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I never was a cornflake girl,
seemed like a good solution
hanging with the raisin girls.
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When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore.
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When I knew which side my bread was buttered, I took the knife as well. (George Michael, Freedom '90)
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Baby Got Back

Give me a sister, I can't resist her
Red beans and rice didn't miss her

And don't think it's just about butts...

Sir Mix-a-Lot comments in a 1992 interview: "The song doesn't just say I like large butts, you know? The song is talking about women who damn near kill themselves to try to look like these beanpole models that you see in Vogue magazine." He explains that most women respond positively to the song's message, especially black women: "They all say, 'About time.'"
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Junk Food Junkie
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Yeah, Tori Amos has a zillion--Raspberry Swirl, In the Springtime of His Voodoo, Honey, Doughnut Song, Me and a Gun...

Maybe not philosophical enough, but Weezer's line in El Scorcho "I'll bring home the turkey if ya bring home the bacon".
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Oh, and Ani DiFranco's line you are a china shop/and I am a bull/you are really good food/and I am full, perhaps.
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Counting Crows - Colorblind (I am colorblind - coffee black, and egg white)

DMB - Too Much -
I'm going to eat up your cities.
your homes, you know
I've got a stomach full it's not
a chip on my shoulder
I've got this growl in my tummy
and I'm gonna stop it today
I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too much
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Oh man, and one of my favorite expressive uses of food in a song ever--Kris Kristofferson's line in Sunday Morning Coming Down about how "that Sunday morning smell of someone frying chicken" contributes to him feeling, as a scruffy drunk, "all alone". I prefer the Crooked Fingers cover of it, though.
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You say tomAYto, I say tomAHto,

etc. -- Cole Porter?
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Me and Mia - Ted Leo 'Call your friends, because we've forgotten What it's like to eat what's rotten' song about anorexia

if booze counts, there's too many. because I'm me, Citrus - The Hold Steady. Gin and tonic as a metaphor for God
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Disappointments range from finding there's no milk left
To finding out there is no god.
So I'll just make another pot of lan-choo tea
Drink it black, and watch the box.

Rob Clarkson - I'm Not Sleeping (Very Well At All)
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Don't Rain on My Parade - "Life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter."
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