Recommend a camping chair
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Can you recommend a camping chair that is compact/collapsible, durable and comfortable?

Walmart specials usually provide compactness and comfort but fall apart after 3-4 uses. Is there anything better out there?
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I will definitely not be the last to say Crazy Creek
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Yeah, I came to say Crazy Creek but it sort of depends on if you mean actually for camping or more for tailgating/watching sports. I love my Crazy Creek and it's held up to a lot of punishment but if size isn't as much of an issue you could probably get something more comfortable.
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I've got these and they are great.

They're very big though, so no backpacking them into backcountry.
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Just came in to warn against buying the Pico collapsible chair. I fell in love with the description of these: fold up tiny, totally portable in their own totebag. So I splurged on one and after 4-5 uses the collapsing mechanism broke, making the legs unstable. Bought another one: same thing happened. Both broke in light use, by people under or around 200 lbs (they're rated for 250 lbs). Totally unreliable. And they're crazy-heavy. Even in their bags, these things will wrench your shoulder.

However I have this Coleman deck chair with the fold-up table and totally LOVE it. Much, much lighter to carry than the Pico (you wouldn't think by looking at it). Folds flat and doesn't compact much, but is easily portable: I clipped the shoulder strap from an old laptop bag on one chair arm and now I carry it around easily slung over the back of a shoulder. Seriously, if this thing isn't under my butt, then I'm carrying to somewhere that I can put my butt, probably 85% of the summer. Table's handy too. I have to swat my husband off from filling it with his beer & junk when he's sitting next to me.
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I've used, and sat on variations of this camp chair for extended periods of time.

They're comfy, and fold up to be quite compact.
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for luxurious backpacking i recommend an exped chair. not the cheapest but very well made.
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Response by poster: Right, car camping everyone. After backpacking, I'm usually content to sit down wherever :)

Am I crazy or is crazycreek and coleman an identical chair and ?

@Threeway Handshake, I went through 4 or 5 of these in the last 3 years. Yesterday the newest one gave up the ghost after my 100lb wife sat down in it...
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Looks like the Crazylegs one has a couple of pockets but no cup holder. Coleman has a cup holder but no pockets. IMO I'd rather have a cup holder. ;-) I found my Coleman for about $30 at a farm supply shop in WI so you might get a deal in stores. I've had the coleman at least 3 years now with really heavy use & it's in perfect shape still.
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(*Crazy Creek that is)
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Have you looked at chairs aimed at anglers? Something like the Nash Indulgence is hugely comfortable and long lasting but probably not collapsible enough for you and I don't know the American market well enough to recommend one but it's worth checking reviews of other fishing chairs.
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This chair is very comfortable:
Kmart Chair

The back can be adjusted between 2 positions: uncomfortable, and this is the best chair ever. I have 4 of them. They come with footrests, but I took them off (very easy to do). I have had mine for over a year with no issues. I do know that they will break some day, but at $20 today (or the $16 each that I got them for last year), I am completely satisfied.
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I recently tried the Alite Monarch Chair out at REI and was impressed. It's only 18 oz, packs down real small, and has the benefit of getting you up off the ground. They are a bit pricey though.

For more info, it was reviewed a few years ago at Cool Tools.
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This chair from LivingXL is rated for 500lbs, I'm guessing it's got to be stronger than a Walmart special.

They have a 1,000 pounder as well.
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I think alps mountaineering stuff is good cheap car camping gear.

This thing is bomb proof.
This works well and is strong too.
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Get one from LLBean; if it falls apart, they'll replace it.
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