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What is a great place to get a (lady) haircut in Pittsburgh?

It's been way, way too long and I would like to get a haircut sometime soon. My hair is a bit past shoulder length, a bit dry, and wavy - I would ultimately prefer a cut that requires no maintenance and has layers.

I was also thinking about the Japanese thermal straightening but it looks horribly expensive. Any cheaper, reputable places around town?

I live near Lawrenceville and have a car, but don't want to drive more than 30 or so minutes out of the city.

Budget: I would love a great haircut for cheap, but I recognize this isn't always possible. Preferably under $60 or so, but I appreciate any recommendations.
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I currently go to the Pelusi at Robinson. There has been some transition in the staff there, as is a fairly regular happening at the Pelusi salons, and I'm not sure about my future there. (I'm trying to grow longer, they keep cutting off more than I'm happy with.)

So two places I've pondered: PageBoy in Lawrenceville. I've not gone myself, but have a friend who has and she LOVED her hair. (What's stopping me is that I sincerely doubt I'm hip enough to go there.)

That said, up in Mt. Washington there's a little place called Alexa's (off Grandview). It's just a little neighborhood place, but I've seen some really flattering styles on friends from there - good colors, cuts I'd never have thought would work on people. Like I said, I'm still wavering about what I'm going to do, but I think that might be my next stop. (Though I'm hoping someone else stops in with an amazing rave rec and I might end up there.)
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Many years out of date, but both boys and girls I knew used to get their hair cut at Lewis Hair Salon which is 813 South Aiken Avenue in Shadyside.
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My partner goes to PageBoy in Lawrenceville and likes it a lot. She's actually due for a haircut soon. Also, I'm not sure if she is hip enough to go there either, but it doesn't seem to matter.
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Your hair sounds similar to mine. I've had the best cuts at Daquila Hair Color Studio in East Liberty and more recently at The Parlor salon on Shady Avenue.

I've also had two very good cuts at Pageboy. A lot of people I know rave about Evolve, on Butler at Fisk.

All of these places are going to be in the $50-60 price range, but I've found that a good cut is so worth the money.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses! I'm glad to have so many options. I'm leaning towards Pageboy right now (they have a dazzlingly nice storefront, plus they are really close by), but may try these other places in the future.
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