Restricting images of wounded and dying soldiers?
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I have heard that during the past decade the US government began to restrict journalists from publishing images of wounded and dead soldiers, as well as coffins. The goal, arguably, is to both manipulate public perception of war and respect the privacy of soldiers. This is in contrast to the Vietnam era, when images of the dead and dying were commonly published. Are there any great websites or articles about this phenomenon? Are these restrictions still in place under the Obama administration?
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The restrictions have been loosened significantly. I don't know if there are any sites dedicated to the subject, but if you search the forums at (a hub for photojournalists of all types, not just sports and members include many big names) as well as PDN and you'll be able to dig up leads easily on the info you're after.
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You may want to listen to this OTM story.
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I mean this OTM story...
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