I would feel rapturous if I could find this song
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Name That Song Filter. Last Saturday on the Rapture that wasn't, I kept remembering a song that I heard waaaay back in my "growing up fundie" days that began, "It was in the nineteen-eighties/At the end of ages" and had a chorus that involved the words "And I saw another angel in the sky". This song (as the lyrics suggest) was probably recorded in the eighties, was performed by a female vocalist, was almost certainly a "Christian contemporary" category song, and seemed to be rapture-themed. It would make awesome mood music for the next scheduled rapture in October. Googling has availed me naught. Can anyone identify it?
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Best answer: Another Angel in the Sky by Evie Tornquist-Karrlson
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Response by poster: Yes, that's definitely the same song, though I might be remembering a different recording than that particular one.

And Christ Almighty, was that bad. Definitely a perfect doomsday song.
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