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I'm looking for a countdown app for the iPhone that does NOT count down to a specific event, using dates. I need to complete 4000 (very small, identical) tasks and I'd like to be able to watch the number go down as I complete those tasks in batches. An app that can be shared with another person would be even better.

You know in movies, how they have that notepad on the wall and they rip off pages as they accomplish tasks towards the goal of ZERO? That's basically what I need - preferably for the iPhone, preferably with sharing capabilities.

The kicker is that I need to be able to "force" progress. For example, I'll do 18, or 26, or 74 in one day, and I want to be able to input that number and see the countdown change. For this reason, repurposing a time/date ticker won't work.

Any ideas, O MeFi?
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I really like Flip Counter Plus.

It might not be for you, though, because I don't think you can input flips by number. In other words, if you want it to decline by 26 on a particular day, I think you'll have to tap the screen 26 times.
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I use a free app called Score Pad for keeping score in games. You can set it to 1 score, press the +20 button 200 times, and then decrement by 1,5,10,or 20 until you're done.
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Best answer: I use an app called Tally Counter for things like this. It's free and you can directly set the value by dragging the numbers up and down, then increment/decrement it by tapping the +/- buttons.
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Also I just tested it - you can also change the numbers manually by dragging, if, say, you wanted to decrement your total by 30 or 50 or whatever.
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