Is inflated fish safe to eat?
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The fish I bought at the grocery store yesterday came out of the fridge with inflated plastic wrap.

I don't think the air pressure dropped considerably since yesterday. Is it safe to eat?. (picture in case my description isn't very clear)
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The fish looks old even without the mystery gas. I'd massively overcook it if I felt the need to eat it anyway.
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Best answer: I think that the answers you get are going to be very similar to those posted here
tldr; probably not
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Don't eat that. Don't even open it, just throw it out.
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If it is just tilapia, I would chuck it and get something fresh.
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As the seafood expert - I would smell it.

Yes, Tilapia is usually less lighter white/red/pink/ but - that also depends on how good the filet job was done. If they didn't get lots of the under bits off, it could look that way and still be good.

Smell it. With seafood, wow, your nose really knows. Because of processing practices, I can't say if the extra air is a bad thing - so just smell it!
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Don't unwrap it. If you still have the receipt you can return it.
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Response by poster: I totally missed that earlier thread. uncanny.

anyway, I'll err on the safe side.

(chicago meetup! fish!)

(just kidding)
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Even if you don't have the receipt, go back to the store with that picture and they should give you your money back.
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