Why did the denialist cross the road? It was just a natural cycle.
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I need some help cracking jokes about climate change denialists.

I'm going to be presenting at a talk on "Dealing with Denialism". I get climate change, someone else is doing creationism, and someone else is doing vaccination. Should be awesomefabulous. Seriously needs some jokes, this sort of topic.

I thought maybe that I could have “A day in the life of a climate change denier” and have things like:

· 7am. Get up. Check gravity is still working
· 7.30 am. Read The Australian over breakfast. Make a note to thank the editor for publishing my comments ahead of qualified climate scientists in the lead article.

See, you'll notice that those things aren't terribly funny. I need help. Not stuck on the day in a life of idea, expand on that maybe, or other jokes too... what pisstake ideas have you got?
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Best answer: Q: How many climate sceptics does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. It's too early to say if the lightbulb needs changing.
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Best answer: If you are able to show powerpoint or something similar, I have always found this to be an effective cartoon.
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Not sure about jokes, but for easy to understand science which helps combat denial there is an iOS App called Skeptical Science which is free from the Apple Appstore, and might help you with info to base jokes on.

good luck!
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