Where was this photo of a castle on a cliff taken?
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Tumblr attributions just lead me down a rabbit hole. Does anyone know where this photo was taken?
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Birds Nest in Bhutan. Let me find more info....
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Nope, never mind. It looks a bit different and actually is called Tiger's Nest.
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That is the Simonopetra monastery on Mount Athos.
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TinEye says the photo is from here, a Nat Geo site with this description:

"Far away from the worries of the rest of humanity, the Simonopetra Monastery towers high above the Aegean Sea on a small peninsula of northeastern Greece. Founded in the mid-14th century, it stands like a fortress with 19 other Eastern Orthodox monasteries and a host of small compounds in a religious community named after snowcapped Mount Athos, background."

—From "The Byzantine Empire: Rome of the East," December 1983, National Geographic magazine
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It's Mount Athos, in Greece. Accordingto TinEye, anyway.
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ooh, too slow. Yeah, TinEye is the daddy for these questions.
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60 minutes did a great piece on the Mt. Athos monasteries a month or so ago. [Video 1][Video 2]
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Unfortunately, you'll have to content yourself with pictures — women are not allowed to visit Mount Athos. (And it's pretty dicey for men unless they're Eastern Orthodox or scholars.)
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The monasteries of Meteora, also in Northern Greece, look very similar and are much easier to tour.
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