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Where in the US can I buy Lemforder Part # 29783-01?

Having a real hard time tracking down a source where I can buy some new bushings for my car.

Any ideas?
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Any Jag parts supplier should be able to get one of these. Goggling the part number showed equivalency for XJ and S type Jaguars and there are a number of parts sellers on this link

Which ones have you tried? Have you only tried searching through the Lemforder number?
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Jag doesn't stock this part separately - they want you to buy the whole wishbone for around $500 while the bushing itself (assuming I can find it) costs around $25...
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Perhaps you can get them from the manufacturer, ZF Lemforder. Parts catalog is here.
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I know you said US, but some forum postings suggested that getting them from the above catalog link is the best bet.
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While I found the part in the ZF catalog I wasn't able to figure out where to actually buy the thing - I did email ZF though.
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BMA parts. ask for patrick
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Is this it? Selling for 31,90 Euro (about $45 U.S.) They ship internationally and here are their cost estimates for shipping to the United States. As you can see, shipping costs more than the part, but maybe that's still better than paying $500 domestically for a whole control arm that you don't need?
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Call these guys and ask if they can point you to a source for the part. Hell, they might have them in-stock.
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Jag doesn't stock this part separately - they want you to buy the whole wishbone for around $500

According to the definitive wishbone bush thread at the U.K. Jaguar Forum, the Jaguar dealers are wrong. The front lower wishbone bushings (Lemforder Part #29783-01) can be ordered separately (as Jaguar Part #C2C 4437) from Jaguar's Electronic Parts Catalog.

If you end up needing the rear lower wishbone bushings, the info for them is in that same forum post.
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@amyms - that is it and I'd tried those guys previously but they cancelled my order and I'll still waiting for a refund...

The definitive thread you linked is where I got the part number, C2C4437 is the other bushing which you can get, the Lemforder one is the hard to trackdown one.

Patrick @ BMA parts is going to check with Lemforder in the morning so hopefully that pans out and failing that someone on a Jag forum is local to the UK site mentioned in that thread so he might be able to help out as well.

Thanks for your help guys.
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