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Is there an app that will let me tag photos on an iPad?

I have a large collection of vacation photos I would like to sort through on my iPad. I need a way to mark each photo for inclusion in a published set. At the very least I need to either tag, rate, or otherwise mark a photo and then get that set of photos off the iPad.

From what I've read the iOS API won't let you modify photos, so an app has to save it's own copy. But I would like to get the final set of selected photos off the iPad without too much hassle. Using FTP is fine, but the easier the better.

So far I've found Sortshots, Photogene, and Filterstorm, but I'm clear on which will do what I need. Filterstorm Pro seems to be the closest, but I hate to pay $15 for an app unless I'm certain it will work.

While I like my iPad, iPhoto integration is definitely a weak point. In a perfect world I could rate/tag photos on the iPad and it would sync with iPhoto on the latop, but oh well. And yes, I could use my laptop but it sure would be nice to sit in a comfy chair and tag my photos on the lighter iPad.

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FYI, I have about 3,000 photos per set. Image enhancement, cropping filtering, etc, is nice but not strictly necessary.
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Evernote lets you tag photos.
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Thanks, I'll take a look and see if it works well for large photos.
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Quick update, I settled on Filterstorm Pro and use the ratings feature to select images out of a large group. The editing feature works well too.
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