How do I locate recordings of a CBC radio program from the early 1980s?
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How do I locate recordings of a CBC radio program from the early 1980s?

[Asking for a friend] My father did a radio show for CBC in Quebec City. His name is Seymour Heisler. It was a science show that ran intermittently in ten minute segments during other programs, probably sometime during 1980-1983. It was a fun, informational segment with a science focus, not a complete, stand-alone program. I'd be the happiest man on the planet if I could find recordings in any format of his show, either online or otherwise. Any information is hugely appreciated!
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Did you try the CBC archives?
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CBC Toronto has a reference library for the network along with their archives, perhaps they could help.
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It looks like Seymour may have been a colleague of David Suzuki at the University of British Columbia. Suzuki was the main science-based programming guy for the CBC beginning in the 70s (and he's still active in science broadcasting). Maybe Seymour did some segments for or with Suzuki? Clicking through the links on that Wikipedia page might give you some leads.
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From a friend of mine who is a CBC radio producer:
Radio archives has (almost all) radio programmes that were kept at the time, even the ones recorded on 78rpm shellac and wire. If they’re not already on line, they’ll charge to make copies.
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Tweet CBC and ask. Theresa Lalonde is the online reporter extraordinaire and trained a good number of CBC folks on how to use twitter. @theresalalonde might get you started - other folks follow and might be able to point you to the archives people.
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