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How can I make money (or at least get my tab paid for) organizing outings and events at different local bars, restaurants, theaters, etc?

I don't want to collect dues or ticket money, but I do want to profit a little bit from being the person who plans a monthly night out amongst hopefully a growing group of friends, peers, acquaintances. Any ideas, advice, models, websites or mentors you can point out for me?
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Well it's really easy: You have become a promoter. I am a promoter for some events myself and it's pretty easy to do it. First you sign on people to take part in the night. You either pay them or promise them lots of free booze. Then you find a club that will take you and you do the night there. You need to market like crazy! You're covered over a certain crowd target. Then the booze gets free.
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Is Living Social Adventures hiring in your area?
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