Railway time, but not a timetable.
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Help me find a book about railways!

My dad heard a discussion on NPR--he says within the last week--about a new book describing how the railways created coordinated universal time (UTC). He wants to read this book and, embarrassing as it is to admit, I haven't been able to find it. I've found plenty of books on the subject but none that have been published this year.

So, did anyone else hear the NPR review, or know which book I'm talking about? Thanks!
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"Time Lord: Sir Sandford Fleming and the Creation of Standard Time" was mentioned on NPR...in 2002. Argh.

Was this book mentioned in connection with Samoa? On May 9, "All Things Considered" did a piece on the date change: ("The tiny Pacific island nation of Samoa is planning to switch time zones, moving to the west side of the international date line.") Maybe they interviewed Blaise?
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I think James Gleick's new book The Information mentions railroads and UTC.

Great book, btw
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Best answer: I think he may have heard "The World " episode from May 20:

from the PRI site:

"Anchor Marco Werman talks with author Mark Ovenden who wrote and edited the book Transit Maps of the World, now he’s got another volume out, called Railway Maps of the World. It includes one story which tells where the idea of Greenwich Mean Time came from and the whole concept of mean time and time zones."
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Response by poster: zoel, you are the winner! Dad is very pleased. Thanks to all for your help!
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