What should I see between Chicago and Toronto?
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I'm going on a road trip next weekend from Chicago to Toronto. What cool things should see on the way there/back?
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Going through Detroit or around the south side of Lake Erie? Path makes a big difference here for recommendations.
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Through Detroit is the plan.
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Hit up Eastern Market.
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If you went via Port Huron/Sarnia, you could see the remains of Oil Springs, which was once the busiest oil town in the world. Now, it's a bit more than an intersection.

The Sarnia route's a bit quicker, but Sarnia-London is the flattest drive you'll ever do.
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Canadian Club Distillery just outside of Windsor.
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Catch a play at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.
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Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

Point Pele
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I have sentimental attachment to Paris, Ontario, it's a pretty little town and just off hwy. 403. If you have a few hours, you could canoe the Grand while you're there.
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