Meeting a celebrity?
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As some might know, Lady GaGa is going to be at the Union Square Best Buy from 9-11pm signing autographs. I have finals until 7pm. Is there a way that I can somehow get an autograph? The first 450 people to be there that have bought the "Born This Way" album and get a T-Mobile upgrade check... just a check, not an actual upgrade... get a bracelet that let's you get an autograph. Is there any possible way that I can somehow get to meet GaGa at the least and get an autograph signed at the most?

I've thought of some creative stuff which probably won't work, like pretending that you've fallen down and can't get up and also throwing a paper airplane with my name on it and a small message in her direction.
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Response by poster: And this is on Monday by the way...
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does it have to be you that gets the autograph, or are you ok with sending someone in your stead? i doubt the wristbands will be transferable.
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Response by poster: It would rather be me.
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I don't know how the logistics of the wristband/signing thing is meant to work, but could you go before your finals, queue, get the wristband, leave to do finals, and then come back at 9pm for the actual meeting and autograph?
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Ask a friend to queue and get the album signed for you. Your final exams are MUCH more important and they're all you should be worrying about. If you're thinking about getting a pop star's autograph instead of concentrating on passing them you're doing yourself a disservice you'll regret in years to come.
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I have to agree with joannemullen, but also add that throwing *anything* like a paper airplane in her direction will get you nothing but a negative reaction from her ample security force and quite possibly (if it's perceived as a threat) shut down the whole signing session, robbing everyone else of their experience.

don't be that person.
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From the Facebook page, the way it works is that you have to go Monday morning to get the wristband, and then come back Monday evening for the autograph session.

I did this process for a different pop star (and in Times Square) with an otherwise-similar arrangement. I went the night before and was one of maybe 10 people in line overnight. The other throngs showed up around 5 am. Getting the wristband was no problem, and even fun (fan bonding).

The evening session kind of sucked, though. After spending all night feeling like superfan and secure with my wristband... just to go through it again for the autograph line. And there was no way to get there 'early'. The security just prevented people from queuing until autograph time, and then there was a mad scene. I ended up maybe 30th in line after all that, but it was stressful.

So, if you're able to get the wristband in the morning without too much trouble, do finals, and then head back to mill around Union Square till they let the autograph line form, you've got a chance. Maybe you can even make a friend (someone unemployed!) in the morning who can hold your place in the evening.

Another thing to check is that if she's in NY for this promotion, she's surely doing other stuff as well. Check the tv shows that tape in NY. Sometimes you can see the star that way and it's easier than being out in the elements for 24 hours, feeling like a beggar.
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I went through this same process to meet someone (who was far less famous than Lady Gaga), and the crowd was staggering. The autograph line will be very fast paced, you won't get to touch Gaga or say more than a few words to her before you've been scooted along to make way for the next person. Any kind of stunt will get you immediately kicked out.

I agree with xo that people will probably be camping out to get the wristbands. Whatever time you were thinking of going, go five hours earlier.
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You should not do anything out of the ordinary at all, and it's not okay to spook out a celebrity. They are people and acting in a scary way is scary.

You really should just focus on your exams and forgo this scheme. Lady Gaga will not be as popular in fifteen years and the enthusiasm will dwindle. You'll maybe even get to talk to her then.
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Response by poster: xo: how early in the morning the previous day should I go to get my wristband?
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Response by poster: I meant Monday morning.
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According to Gothamist, on Monday morning starting at 8 a.m., the first 450 people to purchase a special edition 2 CD set of Born This Way and to do a free mobile phone upgrade check at the Best Buy store will receive a wristband for an opportunity to get an autograph at the event. If they start giving out the wristbands at 8 a.m. and I absolutely positively wanted a wristband, I would get there the night beforehand, no later than midnight. Like xo says, a lot depends on how the event is managed- hopefully they will have set up things to accomadate the people who try to camp out the night beforehand. If they don't do that, you don't even want to go, it'll be a total nightmare.
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I'm with the thePinkSH: if you're not there by midnight for the line to pick up a bracelet at 8, I think you'll be SOL. Remember as well that two hours of signing probably isn't even enough to sign the 450 who get bracelets (check the signage at the event; getting a bracelet doesn't guarantee you an autograph, at least not a live one). If your exam doesn't end until 7, and the signing is at 9, I'd say you'd already be at least two hours late to get in line with your bracelet.

I appreciate you feel passionate about this artist, but this much bullshit to get somebody's autograph in no way compares to doing well on your exam, for which you've already paid, like, $10,000 or something in advance...
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Apparently, Best Buy let people start lining up at 9pm Sunday.
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Response by poster: Anyways, I'm not that crazy.
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Response by poster: I'm staying home or hanging out today with some friends. Not sure which. There's gonna be like half of NY there.
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