What two additional European cities should I visit while overseas in Thessaloniki, Greece?
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What 2 major European cities - that are relatively close to Thessaloniki, Greece - should I visit for a week?

I will be in Thessaloniki, Greece next summer in July for a conference. I am hoping to explore 2 major European cities (3 or 4 days each with a travel day in between) that would be easy to get to via rail.

MeFites - Do you have any suggestions? I would love to visit Berlin, but feel that may be too far away - certainly by train. The airport in Thessaloniki isn't very cheap towards getting to other major cities.

However, if quick flights were an option, where would you suggest?

I love the planning aspect of this trip. I haven't been overseas in 12 years and am really looking forward to making the trip!

Thanks for all of your helpful suggestions and insights.
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Both EasyJest and Ryanair serve Thessalonki. You can go from there to at least Paris, London, Milan, Berlin. London would be the furthest at 3 hours. Flights are easily booked one way and seem to not exceed €100 each. What am I missing?
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for that response. I didn't realize it was quite so easy to get in and out of Thessaloniki by air. That will make things much easier!
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To be fair, when I was first preparing to answer that question, I assumed Thessalinki was not a real airport, in the way Knock is not a real airport. But as it turns out, it very much is, and has excellent route support (at least in the summer; no idea about winter.)

If you needed or wanted more extensive routes, you could fly/train/ferry to Athens but honestly, you're better hooked up in Thessalonki than I am here in Cork (which doesn't suck) and you should have more than enough to choice to have a wonderful time at any available destination. Have fun!
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er. . . Istanbul and Athens?

Both those cities are amazing if you're into history and culture. Should be able to get to either of them in a few hours on a coach. There should be lots of companies running those routes so it should be pretty cheap too compared to flying.
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