If I can't think of a dance group name, why would I be able to pick a clever title???
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Askme has named cats and dogs galore... but can you help name a group of belly-dancers?

Our core group is usually around six women - one in her early 20's, the rest of us in our 30's or 40's. We might have up to eight or so 'fair-weather' dancers come to our weekly classes.

We're never going to win any awards but we have lots of fun. We perform at an annual church fundraiser and the local Christmas street carnival, so we're embarrassing ourselves in public at least a couple of times a year. This always involves at least one of us moving in the wrong direction and colliding with another dancer, and then we all dissolve into laughter. So we're not deathly serious, nor technically precise.

I think our main appeal to audiences is both a) we have the courage to get up in front of people and do it, and b) we laugh so much we're obviously having a ball.

We're a mixed bunch in all ways: age, shape, skill level, costume choice.

Our leader asked us to think of a name other than Mudgee Bellydancers, as our profile increases we'd like something a little more... descriptive.

All suggestions will be presented to the class on Tuesday evening (assuming the Rapture isn't just running late).
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Marakesh Express
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At first I thought you were looking for the collective noun for belly dancers, like an exaltation of larks. Obviously it's an undulation of belly dancers!

The Mudgee Undulation?
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The Muffin Tops
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The shimmy shiners

Dated Figs

Midriff misfits.
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The Marvelous Mock Morrocians!
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Shake Rattle And Syphix,
posted by The Whelk at 4:32 PM on May 21, 2011

Sisters of Slink
posted by Iris Gambol at 4:39 PM on May 21, 2011

Mararesk madiens

Shimmy sisters
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Babylon Sisters (Shake It)

Sultanas of Swing

Sorry, sorry, been on a Steely Dan kick lately, with a little Mark Knopfler for variety.
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Babylon Babes.
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The Hippy Hippy Shakes

Belly Broads

Jiggly Gigglers
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The Navel Athletics
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I just googled my way to this bellydancing troupe name generator, which is fun, if not necessarily helpful. I like "Mothers of the Secret City."
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The Phony Salomes

Salome's Sisters

Veiled Threats
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"Nefer" means "beautiful" in ancient Egyptian. I always liked the idea of naming a troupe of dancers Nefer-Nefer-Nefer.

(There's precedent, in that this lady's name was Ka-Nefer-Nefer, "Soul Twice-Beautiful.")
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The droll dancing dolls
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...So Nefertiti means...?
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The Gyratics.
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Or The Gyradicals...
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Hippy Hippy Forward Hippy Hippy Hippy Hippy Hippy Shake

or more simply:

Dance This Mess Around
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I can't think of anything good, but I've got to admit that Whelk's Dated Figs made me LOL.
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Boniva Breakers
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Good Gyrations
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The Navel Academy
Navel Gazers
Pyramid Section
Sheikh Shake
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I like cecic's The Hippy Hippy Shakes

but the first thought that sprang into my head was

the Shimmy Shakers.
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Harem Scare'em
Belly sima
Belly Cose (Belly kiss?)
Belly Donna (I'm on a roll).
Bellies up
And happily, none of these names seem to be in use.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions so far, thanks. The only one I have to discount is Shimmy Sisters (there is a professional group called Shimmy Sistas who perform around here, and they're proper bellydancers, not wigglers and gigglers like us).

As I said, I'll present your suggestions to our group on Tuesday, and the winner will get best answer.

(I'm lovin' Belly Donnas and Belly Laugh. And Muffin Tops.)
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Navel Maneuvers
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You just said it yourself - Wigglers and Gigglers.
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The Jelly Prancers
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What style of belly dance -- American cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish, ATS, ITS, tribal fusion, folkloric, some kind of mix?
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Response by poster: A bit of everything, kyrademon. We're a VERY amateur group, our instructor is self-taught and just picks moves that she likes and she thinks we are capable of doing. And sometimes we just make up our own moves.

I guess if a gun was held to my head, I would have to say we lean slightly more towards Egyptian and Turkish, not so much tribal.
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Response by poster: Just letting y'all know, I didn't go to bellydancing on Tuesday as I had a sick kid I couldn't bear to leave. (She's fine now.)

I did however forward your suggestions to our teacher, and will let you know the outcome next week (when I'm in the middle of moving house, hopefully I'll drag myself out of the chaos to get to b/dancing).
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