Sarajevo or Skopje?
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I have 2 days to spend in either Sarajevo, Bosnia or Skopje, Macedonia. Help me choose!

I'm mainly looking for creative/interesting/alternative bars and cafes, excellent museums documenting the history of the region, good (affordable) food, natural and architectural beauty, and friendly people.

Any insights on either of the two cities--or anywhere else in the region--would be greatly appreciated.

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Best answer: I have never visited Skopje, but Sarajevo was one of my favorite travel experiences ever. Particularly great if you're interested in recent history-- visit the tunnel, drive into the hills where snipers hid-- but also stand in the spot where World War I began, and view excellent 15th century architecture. People were extremely warm and friendly and most spoke English, especially the younger people. The food didn't have as much variety as I would have liked but I doubt you'd be bored in 2 days. Cafe culture is very very popular; perhaps more "cute" than "alternative" but interesting nonetheless. Plus you can visit the Serb part of town and see for yourself if things are different.

When are you going? If in August, you should pop over to Serbia to attend the Guca festival.
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Best answer: I love Sarajevo and would highly recommend going there, the food in places where Bosnians eat is good and not expensive. Stay out of any place where prices are marked in both Euros and KM, they cost more. Look up Sarajevo Navigator on line, it has lots of information on museums etc.
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I'm from Sarajevo, so I'm biased.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way: Sarajevo is AWESOME! You should go.
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Oh my goodness Sarajevo. This shouldn't even be a question! It's so much prettier and there is so much more to do! In my (somewhat limited) experience, the people are far more friendly as well.
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I lived in Macedonia, and, I have to admit, I'm not really sure why a non-Macedonian would want to visit and spend time in Skopje. It's a fine city, but not particularly historical or beautiful. There are many much more interesting places in Macedonia to spend your time.
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Best answer: Been to both. Not even a question. Sarajevo. (Also possibly my favourite city in Europe.) If you have the time, at any other point, Lake Ohrid in Macedonia is stunning.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Looks like we're going to do Sarajevo by way of Mostar, and then on to Beograd.

If anyone has any further suggestions for the area, shoot me a memail.
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