Can you identify this breed of bird and guinea pig?
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Can anyone identify this bird with its chick and does anyone know the breed of this guinea pig? Both were photographed in the UK, but the bird was at a reserve that has birds from all over the world. I believe the guinea pig is a recognised UK breed.
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Do you know the name of the reserve? They might have a guide to their waterfowl species on their website, or the email address of someone who would know.
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The duck doesn't look like any particular species. There's a lot of interbreeding between domestic and wild ducks, and many of them turn out black and white.

The guinea pig looks to be a standard smooth-coated (or 'normal-coated') one; they're the commonest sort.
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Best answer: The guinea pig looks like it could be an English Crested.
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Best answer: Based on red face/bill and plumage, it looks like a muscovy duck.
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Response by poster: Wonderful - thank you all round!
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