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I need some sort of window screen to keep bugs out.

So, summer has arrived and with it bugs. I've been told to keep the window of my bathroom open in order that the humidity can dissipate. All good but the window doesn't have a screen on it. Where do I find a wire mesh screen? Home Depot?

I did a quick search at Home Depot and came up with this carbon fiber screen, which, while cool technologically speaking, likely is overkill for what I need.

So, what I'm looking for:

1) Some sort of mesh screen which will keep the bugs out.
2) I don't know if this is something that comes in pre-fabricated sizes or is something I can cut to fit?
3) I want something that I can order on line.
4) I'm not too concerned about cost here.
5) I don't own my apartment, so something that is easily removeable is better than something that is permanently installed.
6) The window measurements are 28" wide by 29"high.

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There are much cheaper solutions at Home Depot. Look under Home > Doors & Windows > Screens, Tools & Accessories > Rolls of Screen. You can get a roll of fiberglass or aluminum screening for six or seven bucks.
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Where are you? If it's the USA, why not just take measurements and go to the store to get a precut window screen? If the window is an irregular size, just buy a size up, punch out the screen from the frame and then use the material.
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Best answer: Expandable window screen
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Double check first and make sure the window doesn't have a screen. My previous apartment's bathroom window opened two ways and had a screen on the top half only, not the bottom. Opening the window from the bottom up, there was no screen. Opening the window from the top down, there was a screen. Apparently it was a "privacy" window (because it's ok if people in the next apartment over see your naked head and shoulders, but not ok if they see your naked bits and pieces).

It took me a few weeks of screenless windowing to realize that a top screen existed; they can be pretty easy to overlook.
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Any urban hardware store should have the expandable screens theora55 points out. You just pull them to the jamb inside the groove for the sash, then push the sash shut on top. Utterly commonplace.

I doubt you have an integrated window like phunniemee mentions, because then your building would also have integrated bathroom exhaust fans found in newer construction.
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Response by poster: No, it's an older building, no integrated exhaust fan. Lucky to have a window in my bathroom at all (in NYC). I think the expandable screen is the way to go.

Thanks for the advice.
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