Temporary beds for adult visitors?
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I need a temporary bed solution for when my parents visit.

Up until now, we've been using an inflatable mattress in a raised frame for my folks, but it's less than ideal. They leak air, the support is horrible, and they really aren't designed for two larger adults. My parents aren't *huge* but they are both larger than average.

We would offer them our bed but we have a toddler who is still up often in the night and we need to be on the same floor as him, and go through the same routine to get him back to sleep, which includes bringing him in to our room.

I thought about a futon, but are they big enough for two adults and are they comfortable enough? Are there are other options we haven't considered?
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Best answer: You definitely want a good futon. They generally unfold to be equivalent to a double bed, and while most people are familiar with cheap uncomfortable thin-mattress ones, there are other options. Some friends of mine own this Ikea futon (albeit with a more attractive type of cover they don't sell any more), and I've slept on it several times - it's basically a full foam mattress, with a hinge in it. They've had houseguests sleep on it for several days in a row happily, and I've heard of folks using them as their only bed in small apartments. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but absolutely works as a way to comfortably allow real grownups to get a good night's sleep.
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Best answer: Seconding a good futon. I've had a futon for a couch for 15+ years now (replaced the futon mattress once in that time) and I'm happy to sleep on it myself. You can buy cheap ones, but if you buy a decent one, it's just like sleeping on a mattress. Bonus: when you get a frame, it serves as an extra couch.
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You could just rent some furniture for their visit.
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If you end up going back to air mattresses, two single-person mattresses are better than one two-person mattress. Reason being, if it deflates slightly you don't roll down hill towards the larger person.
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You could upgrade your air mattress. There are several on the market that continuously inflate so they don't lose pressure overnight, plus you can select the firmness. I bought this one from Frontgate and have heard good responses from my guests.
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Seconding that you should upgrade your air mattress. We have this one -- both of our parental pairs seem to think it's quite satisfactory.
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Best answer: I've been using a futon with a good foam mattress for years as my primary bed, and it's spectacularly comfortable--good support underneath, softness on top. Another option for you would be a day-bed with a pop-up trundle bed underneath, but this would be quite pricey, since you'd also need 2 twin-size mattresses.

But if your folks are really leaking air, this won't help. (Sorry--it's been decades since I made a fart joke, and it felt good, dammit.)
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Best answer: Nthing a futon (meaning a mattress on a frame). Mr. Adams and I are both a tad larger than average human size and when we first moved into our new house we slept very comfortably on a futon in the living room for several weeks.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice, I ordered a 'Havet' from Ikea.

The better air matresses look a lot nicer, but it was already 1/2 the price of the futon, and the futon gives us seating for social events too.

Much obliged :)
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Response by poster: Oh, I looked into renting too, but the idea of a rental mattress freaks me the hell out.

Too may bed bug stories in the news.
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Response by poster: Parents loved the Havet from Ikea. Thanks AskMe!
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