Please help me use my Android Samsung Ace
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My new Samsung Galaxy Ace memory is already full, but I'm probably doing something wrong with the social hub app. I'd really appreciate some help...

I've managed to use all the memory of my Samsung Galaxy Ace and I hardly have anything installed on this phone...

So here's my question: The biggest programs are Facebook, gmail, and SocialHub. Is it redundant to have all of these programs? I mean, SocialHub is supposed to do everything right?

But if I use SocialHub is it true that all my emails are in the phone somehow? Maybe that's the problem.

Anyway, I'm not really clear how SocialHub works, I prefer the gmail and Facebook apps, but I cannot install SocialHub because it's apparently linked to something.

Does anyone have some tips on freeing up some memory?
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What size memory card do you have? The card that comes with it is only 2GB. You could upgrade to 16GB for around 25$, or 32GB for around 60$. The current GMail storage limit (which most people never touch with just e-mail) is 7GB, to give you an idea of how far that goes.
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My Android phone does this when I don't delete text messages, but it can also happen with saved data in other apps. Memory card size has no effect, it's all about the native storage on the phone (though there might be hacks/configs out there that help with this, I haven't checked too much). You can go through your apps and delete saved data, but it's a pain in the butt because the stated storage in the app list is not necessarily the whole story so you have to go through each one individually. For what it's worth, if it's your social app and you're primarily a Facebook user, you may have a badly-behaved app since Facebook prohibits saving almost all data accessed through their API.
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