Dutch Wine Delivery
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I would like to buy some wine online as a gift for someone in Holland.

I am in the UK, and would like to send some wine as a gift to a friend in Holland. Google searches in English result mostly in sites with uninspiring wines but aspirational pricing policies. Any recommendations?
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Best answer: The UK wine society will do exports to anywhere.
posted by Lanark at 7:06 AM on May 21, 2011

Best answer: I'm in Amsterdam now. Let me know if I can help.
posted by mateuslee at 7:10 AM on May 21, 2011

Response by poster: hal, there's a bunch of places on your list that are better than anything I found on my own. Lanark, I'd never heard of the wine society, but it is also better than anything else I found. mateus, thanks for the generous offer, but I think the first two guys have it covered.
posted by Jakey at 11:45 AM on May 21, 2011

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