Who do you use for housekeeping and dogwalking services?
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Looking for 1) housekeeping recommendations and 2) dogwalking service recommendations in the San Francisco bay area.

Asking for myself and a few other friends who are scattered around the bay area. We'd love suggestions for San Francisco, the peninsula area (Burlingame/San Mateo/Redwood City), and the Palo Alto/Mountain View area.

We'd prefer individuals and not large companies a la Merry Maids.
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Somewhere between an individual housekeeper and Merry Maids: I like and use TeamWorks. They're a co-op, which makes me feel better about employing them and alleviates some of my "Nickel and Dimed"-based guilt. Usually the same two ladies come to my house. I'm on the Peninsula.
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K9 Safari (Yelp reviews) are excellent dog walkers - my dog loves them, and they really offer dogs a lot of off-leash exercise, not just a short walk to a dog park or something. Highly recommended.
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We love love love Smilin Dogs!! All-day off-leash hiking leaves my dog happy and tired.
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