I may have to give up on cheap, but fast and reliable would be nice.
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Recommendations for hardwood floor refinishers in Brooklyn, NY?

The "floor guy" we were supposed to be set up with fell through, and now we have about a week or two to get all the floors in our new coop apartment refinished. Ack!

If I have to, I'll try the "phonebook" approach to this, but I would much rather be referred to someone who does good work on a reliable schedule.

Any information on what to expect in terms of coat would also be pretty great!
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Vincent Devaney came to the rescue for me after another guy totally fucked my floors up bigtime. He was able to work me in within the week (although it was a small job) and he did an amazing job.
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Haaaaaaaa that should be "in terms of cost." Yikes.
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I suggest Verrazano Flooring. Mrs. digi and I used them for our home in Brooklyn and loved the price and the results.
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I don't have any personal recommendations, but you should check Brownstoner's forums.
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