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An ASP/SQL Server web/e-mail/domain host that's affordable and reliable?

Due to poor service from the current host I use, I'm planning on moving a couple of domains to a different one.

I need support for ASP/ASP.NET, some small Access and SQL Server databases, and POP e-mail. E-mail reliability is an important criterion for me. As is affordability, of course. These are personal, not business domains. Co-locating or self-hosting isn't something I want to do at the moment.

A web search for listings and ratings for hosting returns plenty of possibilities, of course. Recommendations from AskMefi folk with personal experience would be most welcome, however. Thanks muchly.
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I've been using Speakeasy as my ASP webhost for several years now. Great price, occasional hiccups (to be expected), but overall very reliable and quick to answer tickets/issues, etc.

Don't know about their suppoort for .Net, but their email plans and DB setup is all very nice too.
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I have used Alentus and can recommend them highly, they seemed to be really on the ball.

I have also used MyHosting in the past but, well, I moved my sites to Alentus. They're not bad, per se, and they are less expensive than Alentus, but I had occasonal downtime and a couple of technical glitches.

(If one of these is the host you're already using, obviously, disregard this advice.)
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CrystalTech is my hearty recommendation. Hosted a site there (still am) for three years without any issues.
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Applied Innovations gets my vote. The company I used to webmaster for has several sites with them, and they've always been great. Very few problems, and when there was a problem, you could (still can) get them on the phone. And they were always cool, even when the problem was totally my fault, which happened more times than...than...well, it happened a lot.
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I'm looking at transfering to brinkster for one of my sites. I was hosting at i can't recommend them, as my mySQL database has been mysteriously deleted twice this month, as well as some random permission changes, and a few of the installed components don't seem to be installed at all. (we're a week from launch... so it's time to move.)
I've used for one of my client's sites for years - they're great, responsive and never down. A bit too pricey for what i'm doing with this other site right now.
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also, for ASP web hosting you check out Aspin. It lists just about everybody in the business with reviews and is sortable by price/features.
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I've used Weberz for years. They did just recently get bought out so I can't really say much about the new owners other than they seem fine in my recent interactions with them.

Also, check out for lots of reviews and message boards about various resellers.
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I really like It's cheap, never goes down, and has quite a few extras like richtextbox and supported MS code samples.
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