Help me figure out a contact/subscribe form.
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How can I add a "join mailing list" form to my iweb site? I think I've tried everything.

I want a form where someone can submit their name, email, and birthday to add them to the mailing list.

So far, I had a form that would email me the form input by a .php script. The problem was, I couldn't get the .php to send them to the correct page. Now I've messed around with it, the whole thing is screwed up, and I'm tired of dealing with it. All I want is a simple .html code I can paste into my html widget in iWeb, upload the appropriate .php file to my server, and have it direct them to a "thanks for signing up" page when they submit it. Is this too much to ask???

/rant. Sorry, I've been dealing with this since 6:30 this morning, and I have more important things to do.

Let me know if I should provide more info. Stuck in the conundrum between "not being a web programmer" and "can't afford to hire one" and "don't have time to learn about it all myself" and "want my website to be somewhat professional".

Here is my site. The contact form is on the bottom left of each page.
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The simplest way to do this is to sign up to Campaign Monitor or MailChimp and put the code they give you into your footer. I hate MailChimp but I know that at Campaign Monitor you can designate the page people should be returned to after signup for the thanks page.

MC/CM run your list for you, managing subscribes and unsubscribes. You do not actually have to use them to send your newsletter, though; there are a ton of advantages to doing it with them and I'd be happy to tell you what they are and why you should send this way, but you could just export your subscriber list each month if you wanted to.
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use something like Wufoo.
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Google Docs allows you to create embeddable forms where the results are collected in a spreadsheet. Super easy.
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