Help me identify this mystery song that played on my iPhone so I don't think I'm crazy.
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Help me identify this mystery song that played on my iPhone so I don't think I'm crazy.

When I ride my scooter to and from work I listen to music on my iPhone, on shuffle. Today as I was riding back from work, an unexpected song came on. But because I was riding, I wasn't able take my iPhone out to check the song until I got back to my apartment.

It's a song I think I've heard before. Sung by a young woman in a innocent girlish voice. Goes like:
"I'm your peanut butter, and you are jelly...I remember the first time that I saw you
Sitting 'cross the cupboard with your other jelly friends

And you're so sweet, and I am crunchy
You're low fat-well I'm working on that..."

I know the lyrics only because I tried Googling for "you're my peanut butter, you are jelly song" and I found out that it was made popular by a Mormon a capella group. But I couldn't find mention of what exactly the song name is, or the version sung by the girl.

More importantly, I tried to go look through the shuffle playlist and it listed the song that was played before this peanut butter song, and the song after. But not the song itself! Moreover, I would not normally have this type of song in my iTunes. So maybe I imported it as part of a compilation or something. I look through the song list on my iPhone, scanned each song and I did not find anything that could be this song. I mostly just put my favorite ska, punk, indie rock, and electronic artists on my iPhone and this was something different, which what surprised me so much.

Then, a friend mentioned the possibility of it being a "ghost song" that it could be either a hidden or easter egg song. I did try to find any hidden tracks of albums that were on my iPhone but I did not find those either.

Any help of figuring out what particular song this is so I don't think I'm just going effing crazy would be totally insightful and helpful. :)
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It wasn't a hidden track attached to the last track that showed up on your playlist? Sometimes they're on the same file, just played a couple of minutes later.
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What else was in the song? Was it sung a cappella, with acoustic guitar, strings, etc?
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This is the only reference I found on the internet to those lyrics

She doesn't mention what the name of the CD or artist is.. but her email is posted on her profile here:
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Do you sync your iPod with iTunes? If so you should be able to go into iTunes and sort the main track listing by 'Last Played', which ought to include your mystery track.
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You can try the first few hits here:

All music Song Search: Peanut Butter and Jelly

maybe you'll see a familiar album.
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Since your shuffle playlist listed the song before and after, have you tried listening to the song that played before to see if the song you heard was added to the end of that track?
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You know, on your iPhone you can hold the Mic for 2 seconds, wait for the beep, and then say, "What song is this?" and it will tell you.
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Response by poster: Yeah it's NOT the "InsideOut" group. It's a girl singing, with some strummed acoustic guitar chords. It's also not attached to the song I listened to before or after, as those are familiar songs to me.

I also tried to sync my iPhone with my iTunes but it didn't tell me anything useful with Last Played.

This is such a weird mystery to me.
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Best answer: I figured it out. As suspected by others, it was because it was at the tail end of a song. Mind you... I totally DID NOT expect it. It's on a track by Mr. T-Bone, an Italian ska/reggae/rocksteady trombonist, singer, and band-leader. It's from the album "Sees America," which is all basically ska and rocksteady, so the ending of a random song with Peanut Butter and Jelly is like... totally random.

I uploaded it on Grooveshark so you guys see what I was talking about.
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