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Planning a vacation for one. Something within driving distance of my home. Something relaxing, interesting, surrounded by nature and quiet. Wouldn't mind a place that offers up meditation classes perhaps massages etc. I live in Iowa again prefer nature setting but am willing to travel. Anybody know of something in this area that fits that description?

I'm looking to photograph, work on an art/writing project and have fun. Something like Nancy Drew meets Shaggy meets gandhi without the obvious intimacy complications.
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Camping/backpacking on the Superior Hiking Trail. I backpacked 40 miles of this to clear my head about five years ago and really enjoyed the experience.

There's also a lot of state parks in the area if you don't feel like backpacking, or instead of camping you could stay in a town like Grand Marais and explore during the day.
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How about the Heartland Spa in lovely Gilman IL. It has massages and the like. It seems to be more of a "fitness" experience, a so-called "destination spa."
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