Relationship management on a mac.
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I was recently promoted to developer relations at my company, and I'd like to keep better track of those developer relationships than I've previously done. I use a macbook pro, an iPhone, and an iPad. What software do you recommend?

Things I'm considering right now:
running a wiki on the built-in apache on my mac or passworded on one of my publicly exposed webservers (either might be difficult to access on iPad/iPhone at conferences)

yojimbo (which unfortunately doesn't have editing on the iPad version)

filemaker pro (or the cheap bento version)

I have a considerable amount of dropbox space if that makes this any easier.

I'm also considering evernote, but I don't like the idea of something being so out of my own control and requiring a monthly subscription to remove the ads. This does have the best mobile versions of anything I've seen so far.

CRM software, open-source or otherwise seems like it might be useful, but I have 0 experience with it, and the commercial versions are probably well outside my budget.
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also it ruined my joke that I couldn't put "developers" in the tags thrice.
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I think Bento would be more than enough for this. I am a freelance teacher/translator and I use Bento to track customer leads, record what price we agreed and so on. I also use it to keep track of all my classes, the grades I give my students, as well as what I plan to do in future lessons/did in past lessons. It is also a library for my teaching materials.

Bento syncs with my iphone and it really does everything I need. Plus it's pretty simple software and so the technical side tends to stay out of my way and I can just concentrate on using the software for my work.

Bento has a 30 day free trial - just download it and give it a go.
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I'm completely in love with Evernote -- I throw everything in there. I've been awake for 40 minutes today and created 6 notes already. For me, the value is the ubiquity: there're desktop apps, mobile apps, and a web version so I can always get at my stuff.
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You could use HighRise but personally I just use a spreadsheet with different columns e.g. last talked to in combination with a todo list (OmniFocus). You could make it a recurring event to check out the names in the list and see who you have to talk to, check up on, etc.
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thanks to everybody, ended up going with bento for now and you all had good answers.
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