Gift For my Ornery, metal loving, businessy best male friend?
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He's an ornery, suit-wearing, Iron Maiden superfan in his early thirties- and he's about to get a little older. Help me find a gift for my weird best friend!

Mr. Grumpy is truly good hearted- but the man is a negative-nancy and can be very, very difficult.

He runs an office in Manhattan, NY. He's in his early thirties but you'd guess much older from the attitude. He drinks Makers Mark and lives in Williamsburg. He's a vegetarian for all intents and purposes and goes to the gym most days. He idolizes Don Drapper (for the confidence and business stuff, not as much the ladykiller stuff). He is literary nerd, and has handled the national distribution (as well as contributing to) of a national genre specific critical magazine.

Things he LIKES:
-He Loves Iron Maiden like nothing else, but metal music in general is a big thing to him.
-His favorite artist is Marcel Duchamp.
-He is learning to cook, and really likes spicy, but he is not a cookbook guy.
-He loves Early American History, post-revolution.
-He’s beginning to do some writing again- mostly essays.
-Being a manly man.
-He is just getting into sports for the first time- mostly football.

He is also ornery. Things that he DOES NOT like:
- anything he sees as disrespectful to his elders or people who serve in the military.
-video games outside of scrabble.
-Anything too girly (example- bath? Yes. Bath with a gender ambiguous bath bubble bottle? No. )

Last year he scoured New York to find me basically the most perfect purse and bracelets I have ever seen- and I’d love to find him something personal like that. I’ve been looking through Etsy but other than some cool magnets, nothing is jumping out at me. I’d like to get him a few small things and maybe something a little larger. My budget is going to be sitting at about 100$, but if you wow me I’ll see how far I can dig.

Things with a cool and out-there twist- like a cool lamp with a Duchamp urinal stenciled on it, or if you can think of a NYC restaurant that has a Maiden theme- would be so awesome. I’d be happy with a link to your sister’s metalband-football league championship footage.

Thanks for anything you can come up with.
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Some Crystal Head?

At the very least, please make sure he watches this if he hasn't already seen. Covers vegetarian, learning to cook, spicy, and metal subgenre. Good luck!
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Hellbent for Cooking might be good -- it's a collection of 100+ recipes written by metal bands, from classic heavy metal to black metal and beyond. It started out as a zine, so it's as much fun to read as it is to cook with, at least for a metal fan. It might get around the "not a cookbook guy" thing...

I always recommend red savina powder to those who like spicy food. It's pure, extra-hot habanero pepper in powder form -- the stuff makes cayenne pepper seem like black pepper. It has a great flavor, too, and is awesome on just about anything, especially meat, eggs, potatoes, etc. It's a bit pricey at $13 per bottle, but one bottle will probably last him a year even if he puts it on everything...
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All Known Metal Bands is a great gift for a metal fan - beautifully presented, hilarious and fascinating. I love that it is purely a list of names, no commentary provided.
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The Art of Rock is an incredibly cool, massive coffee table book. A vintage Iron Maiden poster off eBay could be cool, or one of the posters off the band's web site. Then there's always Rock and Roll playing cards.
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Don Draper and your etsy comment made me think of a vintage travel bar, with some drinks he likes, of course.
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