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A long time ago I found a website where you could type in the name of a band/artist you liked, and it would show a web-shaped layout of other bands that were similar, those being the closest in sound and style physically closest to the name of the band entered (which was centered on the page). Anyone have any idea what I am talking about or know of a similar webiste???
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posted by blender at 8:10 AM on May 12, 2005

yeah, I was coming in to say liveplasma, too, though I will add that they kind of suck, i.e., recommendations I took from there were completely off target.
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that wasn't the one i had found. it was very background white text, nothing flashy, and very reliable. but this works for now, thanks!!!
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mdn: I have a suspicion that the accuracy is somewhat dependent upon how far your tastes deviate from "mainstream" (whatever the hell that is).
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Audioscrobbler also relates similar artists.
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And Gnoosic.
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rfordh, love you, THATS THE ONE!!!! THANX!
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I know rfordh hit the bullseye, but Music-Map is worth a look.
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badger, rfordh's post links to the music-map site.......that is the exact one i was talking about! i love AskMeFi more every day!
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I saw one that wasn't interactive like Gnoosic/Music-Map, it was more like a Wired Magazine Infoporn graphic, where there were circles that were connected by musicians/bands who had worked together or who were considered to be very close in genre/style, and then the size of the circle was related to amazon sales or something, and the color of the circle was related to something else. Anyone know what that was? It was about 1 year ago.
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okay, in hindsight I'm a dumbass...I never clicked the 'related bands' link on gnoosic. I googled Music Map after Gnoosic rattled my brain.
I had no idea they were more closely related than an audience at a Jeff Foxworthy show.
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