Where to buy Giant Microbes toys in NYC?
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Where can I buy giant microbes plush toys in New York City?

So, today is Thursday, a certain special someone's birthday is Monday, and I just got the perfect gift idea. But how can I get my microbes in time? Does anyone know a store in New York City that sells them?

I live in Park Slope and work in Chelsea, but anywhere I can get to with an unlimited Metrocard is fair game. Oh Metafilter, won't you please help me get a deadly disease?

(and yes I know ThinkGeek and Amazon both sell them and have expedited shipping. That's plan B.)
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I think I saw them at the AMNH gift shop, but that was a decade ago. Give them a call?
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I don't know where to get them in NYC, but just wanted to say that my wife is an epidemiologist, and these were the best thing she ever received at her baby showers. She is so happy to have Chlamydia! And Lyme Disease, and Chicken Pox!
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Best answer: Exit 9
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If you live near any medical school big enough to have a gift shop, give them a call.
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My school's pharmacy has them. Are you near a college?
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Best answer: yes, exit 9 on Smith Street off Bergen has them.
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Response by poster: Exit 9 on Smith Street hooked me up. Thanks all!
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