Portable Thunderbird not downloading email
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I have installed Thunderbird portable on my USB drive and set up the correct server names and such. My ISP is RoadRunner. I keep getting the connection time out message and it won't download or send email. I went into "about:config" and changed my timeout time to 500--still no mail. My RSS feeds update perfectly in Thunderbird. Any suggestions on what to try for email?
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Does Road Runner require you to download email over an encrypted connection? Try the SSL POP server port, 995? Or maybe you are doing that, and they don't support the secure port?
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Response by poster: RR does not support the secure port
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You'll need to verify the server address as well as the port numbers. Are you using POP, IMAP, Exchange? Have you tried these settings with a different email client with success?

Some ISPs will filter out some ports especially 25.
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Response by poster: I am using POP. I verified server addresses and ports with my ISP. Thunderbird works fine installed on my desktop computer (which is having other issues now--that's why I want to use portable Thunderbird on a USB). My family uses these settings just fine in Outlook Express.
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Thunderbird has an error console (under Tools on my system) which might provide more info.

You mention installed Thunderbird and Outlook Express as working, but is that on the same PC you are using now? The same network? If not, I would check that first. Try the USB on a system that you know can connect to the server.

Most common reasons for timeouts that I can think of: firewalls, bad server info (you've ruled this out), you're not in Roadrunner's network (usually only applies to sending).
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Response by poster: i think I have figured it out as a firewall issue; It doesn't work on my work computer but does work on my home netbook.

What is it about a firewall that keeps it from working?
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The firewall at work is probably blocking all mail servers except the company mail servers.
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