Sci-Fi or Fantasy Erotica????
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Any recommendations for Sci-Fi or Fantasy books with hot erotic content?
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I think the Mammoth Hunters series is traditional here.

(Some people would count it as "historical fiction" but I think it's more like fantasy.)
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Elf Sternberg's Journal Entries are a pansexual-friendly series set in a very Known Space-like universe—to the point where, if I recall correctly, there was some kerfuffle with Larry Niven about it. (Note that this assumes a broad definition of "book" as I don't think they've actually seen print. But at this point I'm just happy to be able to read them all in one place, without having to spend weeks trolling Usenet.)
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You will need to be more specific.

I mean I'm not going to have any answers for you regardless, but the folks that might will need to know if you want to see hetero pairings, either variety of homo pairings, any fetishy preferences, emotional resonance vs. wild anonymous stuff, etc.

I guess there were some porny moments in Ink/Vellum by Hal Duncan, but I don't know if it would really function very well as erotica.
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Are you looking for fangfuckers oops I mean "paranormal romance" or more traditional F&SF with strong erotic elements? If the latter, you're probably looking for Jacqueline Carey's series which begins with Kushiel's Dart. If you're looking for the former, well, don't.
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take it for what it is but take a look at Piers Anthony's "Pornucopia"
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Julian May's Many Coloured land and the rest of the series have plenty of light porny bits if I remember rightly. The series itself isn't too bad, although later works start to drag.
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Whether or not you find it hot depends on your tastes, but you should check out the books by John Cleve, including the "Spaceways" series. (Actually, according to that link, Cleve was a pseudonym for Andrew Offutt, who seems to have written other sci-fi pornographic books under a variety of names.) There's something for almost everyone in there, though also at times something not for everyone, as well.

I was going to suggest the Kushiel books and "Pornucopia," but I see they have been mentioned already. And I agree that if you were more specific (hetero? homo? alien sex?), you might get answers that better focused on your interests.
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The "Seer King" trilogy by Chris Bunch.
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Peter Hamilton's "The Night's Dawn" series (it's a trilogy, but six books) has healthy doses of some decently-written scenes. Some with Satanists. Start with "The Reality Dysfunction" and enjoy.

The whole series is pretty well fleshed-out (pardon the pun) in terms of world-building. The sex was a bonus.
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I think Piers Anthony's Chthon and it's successor Phthor were excellent and quite steamy. My girlfriend also loved them.

Also, Sharon Green's Jalav series may look like a sci-fi romance, but it is HOT!.
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The Catteni Series (also called the Freedom Series) is a tetralogy of science fiction novels by Anne McCaffrey. The main character Kris has a Cat friend who is well endowed.

Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (sort of fantasy) has a number of sex scenes in each book, mostly heterosexual and most consensual.
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N.K. Jemisin's The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.
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Richard Morgan's The Steel Remains has lots of sex (mostly homosexual), and is very well-written and a great story to boot. Lots of violence and whatnot though, so YMMV.
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Clive Barker is there for you. He's great at writing fantasy and eroticism. For my money, Imajica had the best of both, but you may not be looking for something that long.
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Seconding 'The Mammoth Hunters'
Check out some of Heinlein's later works esp. 'To Sail Beyond The Sunset'
Also, more recently try SM Stirlings Shadowspawn series
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Laurell K. Hamilton has 2 series of fantasy porn - the Anita Blake series (featuring vampires/werewolves) and the Merry Gentry series (featuring fairies). Both are actually pretty damned entertaining.
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Response by poster: I am ok with heterosexual or fetish or alien sex
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"Angels, Demons and Alex" was an urban fantasy that kicked lots of ass on Literotica last year. It held the #1 - 7 spots on the all-time highest reader votes page for several months before the author took it down for self-publishing. Lots of hotness, but also lots of humor and magic and things exploding.

It'll be put out on Amazon and Smashwords under the title "Good Intentions" in about a week or two.

...not that I'm making a plug on anyone's behalf...nothing to see here...move along, move along...
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Well, if you want FREE then you can't do too bad with Literotica under Non-Human and a few other special categories. Some of them, so I have quickly glanced at the indices, look to be really long, potentially.

But if you need dead tree, then definitely any of the paranormal romance material will do. Laurell K. Hamiliton, in particular, seems to have A LOT of boobs, butts and knees like more than a Verhoeven film level! The Anita Blake series started pretty restrained and traditional with the porn moments but escalated with each successive novel.

Sharon Green in the 80's and 90's was producing some pretty hot material. I believe she was listed as a pioneer in genre blending fantasy-romance. The Jalav series, has a lot straight sex and some bondage. It is a better written set of John Norman with topless amazons. There was some would be feminist strains in the Terrillian series but really, it was a lot of non-consensual scenes.

The Kushiel series is well done and deals with BDSM and bisexuality. The world building is rich and the dialogue reasonable.

There is plenty more.
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I just started reading the Undead series by MaryJanice Davidson and I've been surprised by the amount of sex in them. Like to the point where I won't read them on the train anymore. What if someone looks over my shoulder!?
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Catherynne Valente's Palimpsest
JG Ballard's The Atrocity Exhibition
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circlet press has all your hot sexy sf/f action. Awww yeah.

(disclaimer: I'm a stockholder as well as a *ahem* satisfied customer)
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J R Ward's Vampire series has quite a bit of porn, if Vampires are acceptable as fantasy. Quite bizzarely though the dialogue is in what I can only descrive as gansta-rap although the vampires in question seem to be mainly white which is a bit disconcerting.

Laurell K Hamilton was mentioned above and I loved both of those series. Anita Blake is an excellent character but doesn't get sex/porny until Book 5 or 6 and each book gets increasing levels of couplings until at one of them the entire book seems to be one long orgy. Good stuff.

The Merry Gentry Series is better in that respect but both are alternate universes rather than Sci-Fi.

If the sheer amount of sexy stuff is important I think both Diana Gabaldon & Mammoth Hunters will disappoint, but I completely endorse the comments about Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart series above.
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Dhalgren has quite a bit.
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I agree with the Laurell K Hamilton suggestions (though I've given up on them at this point). I like vampires and shapeshifters so most my recommendations fall into those catergories. I highly recommend G.A. Aiken's Dragon Kin series. I've read the first in Joey W. Hill's Vampire Queen series and that was quite hot. Emma Holly's Midnight books are good and so is Lex Valentine's Tales of Darkworld series.

I'm also a big fan of Literotica. You really have to sort through to find well-written stuff. I'd recommend the following; searching on the username is the easiest way to find them.

Literotica finished stories:
* JazCullen's Fighting the Inevitable series (Fighting the Inevitable, The Assignment, When Worlds Collide, The Council, A Long Walk Home) [Vampires & Weres -- she plans to continue the series but not in the immediate future]
* Enithermon's Fire [Vampires]
* LEYLINE's Sun and Earth [Weres/magicians]
* Elianna's Falling Into Darkness [Vampires -- Redemption is the sequel but she hasn't posted in years]

Literotica in progess stories:
* Thistlethorn's The Pearl [Chinese dragon]
* pandarus's Sacrifice [Greek mythology]
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To expand a bit, Circlet specializes in sf/f erotica, and strives to publish things that are both good sf/f *and* good sexy erotica. They started out selling chapbooks and eventually published a bunch of full length stuff (heh heh). They've been getting into ebooks in a big way lately with a metric crapload of ebooks, particularly lots of short story collections built around a theme (eg "Elementary Erotica" for Sherlock Holmes stories, "Like an Iron Fist: Dystopian Erotica", "Like the Knave of Hearts: Erotic Tales of Wonderland", "Like a Queen: Lesbian Erotic Fairy Tales", "Like a Prince: Gay Erotic Fairy Tales"). There's a bunch of long form fiction available, too. There's kinky stuff, non-kinky stuff, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, none-of-the-above-sexual. Since the rapture is coming (heh heh), they're running a sale right now on Apocalypse Sex.

Not specifically published by circlet, the publisher, Cecilia Tan, has been writing a series of "Magic University" books (yes, Potter-esque, but in Massachusetts at Veritas, the magical university that takes up part of the Harvard campus - what, you can't see the buildings? you're not supposed to!), which is fantasy with college student levels of sexing. I'm partway thru that and it's fun.
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Image of the Beast - Philip Jose Farmer

ghost sex, werewolf sex, etc
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All of Anne Bishop's books, but I can only recommend The Black Jewels trilogy.
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i'm sure that list is still good; many of the same recommendations...
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