Converting a SVG to EPS
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Using free tools such as Inkscape, is there a way to turn my SVG into an EPS that a screenprinter can use to make jerseys?

I'm trying to DIY a logo for a soccer jersey. The T-shirt printer lady says she needs a 300 DPI EPS, which I totally grok. I read up a little on what that meant, and then went and found an SVG graphic very similar to the one here. I opened the SVG in Inkscape, futzed around for a while (added the team name in an arc over the graphic, mostly), then exported it as EPS (I forget what options I chose). The T-shirt lady says, however, that they "can't open" it.

Is there an easy (i.e., relatively foolproof for a non-designer person) way to get my SVG file (which has the added text) convert to an EPS file that the T-shirt lady can use -- without spending $*00 on Illustrator?
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Best answer: ImageMagick. It is literally as simple as:

$ convert mySvgFile.svg myPostScriptFile.eps
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Inkscape's "Save as..." can write EPS -- is that not good enough?
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Oops, sorry, never mind!
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If this is a one-off thing and ImageMagick won't work, you can download a trial of Illustrator.
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Response by poster: Clarification: I'm on Windows.
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Response by poster: Thanks; I'll give IM a try -- unfortunately, left the SVG at work, so I'll need to re-create the logo first.
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Response by poster: Worked, like a charm, thanks BP. I made a new drawing in Inkscape, imported the clip art SVG, put my text on, curved it, saved it as SVG and then converted it using the ImageMagick command exactly as written above.
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