Finding a nursing home in Cleveland
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Is there an organization that can provide some guidance on choosing a nursing home? I'm interested in moving my father from the one he is in now. This is in Northeast Ohio. If I'm on my own, how do I go about finding and evaluating potential nursing homes?

My father is already in a nursing home. He's in this particular nursing home because it's the one that everyone in our community thinks of first, not because I made an extensive investigation into what would be best. It is widely known, has a sterling reputation and, from everything that I've seen, it lives up to that reputation. However, I think it's expensive relative to other nursing homes. I'd like to find another great facility that might be less expensive.

In my imagination nursing homes of comparable quality vary substantially in cost. One might be in a remote location, for instance. Another might be in a denser and more affluent neighborhood? It's important that the staff is attentive and provides sufficient stimulation, but my father is unfortunately not in any condition to appreciate certain amenities that healthier residents might value. I've heard limited anecdotal evidence which supports my imagination, but is it really true?

He is paying for his care and is likely to pay for his care for awhile, but he doesn't have so much money that this isn't making a huge factor. Mostly to me, but my financial interest in this is important to him.

He was in the army. I don't think he's eligible for any relevant benefits, but obviously I'm going to ask just to be sure.
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Medicare has information.
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The Ohio Department of Aging website has lots of relevant links.

US News rankings of Ohio nursing homes
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The local Area Agency on Aging may be able to help you out, as well as the local Aging and Disability Resource Center. Good luck and memail me if you need more information (I work in the aging field)!
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A Place for Mom might also be helpful.
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See if your work has an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Elder care issues is one topic that they often cover. My EAP did an extensive report on the options (including costs) for my inlaws when we were in a similar situation.
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