Who can I trust with my laptop around here?
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Who in the Dallas, TX area (deliberately vague; I'm willing to drive) can repair my broken laptop AND answer my questions about it, especially how it got that way? Even just "this guy I know" would be perfectly fine; I've learned my lesson about the big-name places.

Two weeks ago, I foolishly handed my slow but working computer to a well-known company and got back a brick. My efforts toward getting things fixed have resulted in nothing but wagon-circling, misdirection and outright lies from multiple sources, even ones not originally involved. I am all out of Deal With It, friends, and it's time for my luck to change. Help make this happen for me.

For example/detail: Apparently there's a decent chance it needs a new motherboard. The original fools say it is some other minor part, which was designed in some wacky way for this particular model that grants it computer-wrecking powers it would not otherwise have. I need someone to not only diagnose and fix the issue, whatever it may actually be, but to know whether or not that claim is true, and justify and explain that to me. (For maximum thoroughness of the complaint letter, frankly.) Things like that. Anyway, give me your recommendations, please! Also, because I sense this question will be vulnerable to Alternate Suggestions - let's not do that.
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I'd be happy to take a look at it. MeMail me.
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