Better ereader than Sony PRS-600?
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Looking to replace my PRS-600 Sony Reader.

I use my Sony Reader for strictly pleasure reading. What I like about it:

- fits in my purse and cargo pants pockets
- lightweight
- fairly easy to read

What I don't like:

- battery dies even when not in use
- doesn't have USB wall charger
- can't view the entire book (front cover, back cover, etc)

Other options that I would like:

- ability to see an entire book, including front cover, back cover, and all of the pages in between
- long battery life
- USB wall charger
- ability to read in low light/dark
- wifi
- color? (I was impressed with the beauty of Peter Rabbit on my husband's IPAD)
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You don't want color if you are looking for the best "pleasure reading" experience. LCD causes eye strain and the whole point of e-ink is to reduce that strain and make it look natural.

You want an Amazon Kindle 3. It's got the best e-ink screen on the market. It's small. Battery can last a months time. USB wall charger. Everything you need.
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Are you looking for an e-ink screen (which I highly recommend for the easy on the eyes aspect) or computer screen? I don't believe there is any reader out there in colour that has e-ink and I think it may be the best thing going for e-book readers. The problem arises that it won't have back lighting so you can't read in low light/dark without it.

So unless you are willing to go without an add-on light I think you are stuck with the IPAD (too expensive in my book for reading) or I believe the Nook Colour (no e-ink).

People will pooh-pooh my suggestion of going for the Kindle because it is locked into one format but I still think it is the best thing out there for reading on. I guess it depends on how tied in you are to the low light/dark thing.

For 99% of my books I can always see the front cover on the Kindle. Very few have an actual back cover but that is the publishers deal.
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Kindle 3. Granted, not quite as small and portable as your Sony, but "almost". For low light reading, you can purchase a lighted cover, or use an external clip on light. A cover or sleeve of some sort is recommended anyway to protect the screen/device.

Battery life is a week to a month depending on how much and kind of use. For straight reading, 30 hours in-use time is typical. (i.e. 1 hour a day reading = 1 month battery time).

Not use what you mean by seeing the whole book ... you can see the cover if you want, and all the ebooks I have seen have all the contents that a paper book does, with the exception of a back cover.

Kindle 3 has wifi, and a choice of having 3G connectability as well (more expensive model) but no monthly fees to connect via 3G. You can see one up close at Target, Best Buy, Staples, and WalMart (U.S. only).
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I regularly forget when I last charged my Kindle. I regularly take it on multi-week business trips without bothering to take the charger along. It's a smidge bigger than your Sony - I really wish I could get a version without a keyboard - but I really, really love it. It's amazing for pleasure reading and I don't care that it's basically useless for anything else.
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The Nook BW has essentially all the features of the Kindle 3, but is open to various formats regardless of where you buy your books. The only requirements you listed, which the Nook BW can't meet, are:

- ability to see an entire book, including front cover, back cover, and all of the pages in between

I've never seen an ebook with a back cover image, although some DRM PDFs might have this. Definitely depends on the publisher, not the device.

- ability to read in low light/dark

You need to decide whether you prefer e-ink, or LCD. I say just get an attached light, or turn on a lamp.

- color? (I was impressed with the beauty of Peter Rabbit on my husband's IPAD)

The Nook Color is a fairly good Android tablet, considering the price. Again, you need to decide whether you want e-ink (good for long term reading and battery life), or an LCD screen (color, light, eats batteries).
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The Nook BW does not have the best screen. It's a previous generation screen. The Kindle will read all of your books too with a little conversion.
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For what it's worth -- you can get a Sony Playstation Portable wall charger, which is compatible with the A/C port on the PRS-600.
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Nthing the Nook Color for it's flexibility/hackability.

It's worth it to note that today both Amazon and B&N have news coming up regarding their offerings. B&N has an official announcement that will be made on May 24 that will be about one or more new e-readers. Amazon's news is more "rumor with solid evidence," which points to announcements in the near future concerning a new e-ink reader, a mid-range Android tablet, and possibly a high-end Android tablet later this year.
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I've decided to hold onto my PRS-600 and see what will be coming out later this year. I'm pretty sold on the Kindle3 though.
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