Help me pick a way to share essays online with classmates
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I'm a college student looking for a way for to pool essays with 20-30 of my classmates in preparation for finals. We've tried emailing, but it got unwieldy very quickly. Are there any good sites/easy to use cloud-based services out there which might fit the bill? I've looked at Dropbox but would prefer a method where we don't have to download specific software.
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google docs?
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You could consider for this.
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You actually don't have to download the software to use Dropbox -- you can just open an account on the Dropbox web site and access it that way. (The play I just worked on used Dropbox to distribute things, and one of the company members just used the web site and it worked fine.)
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Google Sites. One of their templates is a file archive.
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Opera Unite
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create a new gmail address and password, then share it with your classmates. regardless of whether they have gmail or not, they can then log in to google docs, upload their work, and view the other papers.
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(having had experience with such large class sizes, you should always assume that most are less tech-savvy than you, and then adjust accordingly. the "sharing" function of google docs is quite complicated with a large group of people, unless you want to start a mailing list/group).
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A lot of our teachers use free version of PBworks for classroom collaboration. You can have a master user/password for everyone to use or the creator create accounts for everyone and set up the sharing settings so everyone can download.
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Get people to email all the papers to one person by a certain time, and then that person sends out one email with all the papers attached. 20-30 people isn't that bad.
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You could also start a free forum where people could register and post them, either just by pasting the text into a thread or attaching the docs. Then they would be searchable/findable by people's names etc.
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Best answer: Seriously, Dropbox, the download is optional and minimal and easy to setup. The only downside is the addiction factor when you realize how convenient it is for everyday use.

And for those that don't want to download, the website is really about a 8/10 for slickness.
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I've been tooling around with Folderboy, but I don't have extensive experience with the others.
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