A Perfect Circle Acoustic Sessions. Wait ... what?
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I've found a bunch of YouTube videos of A Perfect Circle (Acoustic Sessions) like this one. There's no video, really, just the band logo over the songs. What are these songs from? Are these from an album or a DVD that I can buy?

My web searches just seem to turn up links to these videos and some guitar tabs. It's obviously a live performance recorded ... somewhere. Any ideas where?

I have no info, but WANT!
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Yes! There is an album floating around out there called "The Acoustic Sessions" with that logo as the cover. AFAIK it was culled together by a fan from performances the band has done. You can only find it now on file-sharing sites or torrents, I believe.

(The tracklisting: Intro/The Hollow/3 Libras/Starbucks/Thomas/Sleeping Beauty/Weak and Powerless/Orestes/A Stranger/The Outsider)
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The little I've been able to dig up is that 3 of the acoustic songs (The Hollow/3 Libras/Sleeping Beauty) are usually referred to as "Live in Philly." I don't know where in Philadelphia they did this. My guess is that it was for a local radio station as an "unplugged, in studio" promo thing.
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Like castlebravo says, it was somewhere in Philadelphia, recorded probably late 2001 or early 2002. Each of these songs came on its own 1-track CD that was offered as a freebie along with a purchase of some other APC thing (that I can't remember at this time). My girlfriend at the time worked at "FYE", and they had the 3 Libras disc.

I have the three tracks that castlebravo mentions. There are torrents around the net you can grab that have these three songs.

I remember seeing a video of the performance of "The Hollow", but I don't remember seeing anything else.
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